Privacy Policy Statement

This Privacy Policy statement is our legal guideline as to how AFYAA Sdn Bhd (referred to as ‘AFYAA’ thereafter) processes your personal data. This statement also explains our best practices in dealing with the collection, utilisation as well as protection of personal data provided by your party, either individual or in group, through our website ( which is digitally linked to our social media accounts when internal conversations are performed between AFYAA and external parties. By providing your personal data to AFYAA through this website, you agree to give us the consent to the processing, collecting, transferring, storing, keeping, archiving data and all other related actions linked to such activities as described in this statement.

Personal Data Collection

AFYAA is highly committed to improving the personal experience of all users visiting our website. As part of the effort, we will require your personal data such as e-mail, contact details, mobile phone, location, address, and other personal information deemed necessary for our future use. We only collect personally identifiable information that is provided exclusively by you, or anyone on behalf of your party, for the purpose of improving our site. Your personal data may include:

  • Full name
  • Mobile number
  • Full name
  • E-mail address
  • Home address
  • Social Media Profile
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Birthday
  • Local ID
  • Passport ID (For international visitors)
  • Images/Videos/Digitally created media
  • Other information otherwise not stated but deemed relevant

In the event whereby your personal data is to be utilised by us for a certain purpose of action in the future, AFYAA reserves the rights to use your data and does not require your consent beforehand through phone calls, email notification, short messaging services, digital messaging applications, and other services or platforms otherwise not stated as per agreed initially.

Personal Data Security Measures

As you provide your personal data, be it belongs exclusively to you or on behalf of other individuals, AFYAA bears full responsibility to keep your personal data safely and we ensure that all confidentiality obligations are security measures are all in place in the effort of protecting your personal data and information collected as described in this statement to circumvent unauthorised data access, data misuse, unconsented data processing, unlawful data retrieving, prohibited data collection, and other illegal data processing activities otherwise not stated in this statement. The efforts may include but not limited to:

  • Storing your personal data into our built-in system with high-end security that is only monitored by Management of AFYAA.
  • Keeping your personal data to only authorised individuals within the company which is accessible by the person as per mentioned.
  • Performing data documentation to avoid data loss and misuse by unauthorised parties.

AFYAA is not obligated or does not require any prior physical preparation or document either in the form of printed material or electronic paper to inform you, or the person on behalf of you, in keeping your data into our system. It shall be our practice in carrying out our responsibilities directly. Should you, or any person on behalf of you, need further clarification or assistance on such matter, personal interaction on our site, either via e-mail notification or live chat shall be practised.